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Global Socialplace WW2live is the first worldwide virtual community that combines content and links with IT resources irrespective of the original language that they were written in. The challenging aim of combining these two areas, along with targeted links to original WW2 sources, is a bold attempt by Global Socialplace to bring together and promote all the existing World War 2 material available on the web.


Global Socialplace WW2live is set up in theme-based categories, so you can easily add or look up any relevant information.


At Global Socialplace WW2live we are grateful for your generosity, time and dedication, along with the respect and admiration that you have for other like-minded WW2 enthusiasts. Our sole role here is just to put the necessary IT infrastructure in place and have it at your disposal so that all your information can readily be accessed online.


Global Socialplace WW2live is non-political and does not in any form support or uphold Nazi, fascist, racist, sexist ideologies or indeed any others that infringe or violate human rights. Descriptions and narratives of historical events as well as Web and Blog links and access to Forums and articles about such matters must be treated as references only and or for a historical purpose.

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The Tommy Atkins Historical Society

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The Tommy Atkins Historical Society is a living history group, founded in 2001, that is dedicated to portraying the life of the average British Infantryman from a County Regiment during WW2.


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Reproduction Paper

No impression within living history or re-enactment is complete without all the little details. One thing a person was never found without his/hers personal papers. If you are a re-enactor or living historian who takes authenticity serious you need to have reproduction paperwork. It completes your impression and your display. You wouldn’t want your originals getting wrecked out in the field, would you?


And what if you are making a film production and you are in need for reproduced paperwork to have a good realistic shot. You will find paperwork you need here at Atlas Repro Paperwork. Atlas also has a great deal of experience with consulting for films and museums! We have knowledgable, professional historians and creative designers on-call at all times to aid in your next project

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