Welcome to our ww2 combined forces living history group. We are a small non profit group, we enjoy doing this as a hobby. The group represents the  army ,navy & raf from 1939-1945. Everyone had a part to play during the war and they done it to there best ability our group displays  uniforms, equipment and weapons , our aim is to keep the spirit and history of the men and women of ww2 alive.
We where once 665 A.O.P  due to the owner selling the Auster plane we decided to reform our group. this year is going to be our first display as combined forces, fingers crossed we have a good season ahead of us. The group has a bell tent and the equipment to set up a radio shack . We are still  sourcing more kit if you can help us please contact us, we appreciate any items donated to us, everything will be used and taking care of no matter what condition. Hope to see you at this years shows please don't hesitate to come and talk to us we are a friendly  group we will try and answer any questions you may have. If you are interested  in ww2 and would like to take part in our group just ask for information.

please take a look at our facebook page